Welcome to JMS Victor Domino Polled Herefords
4850 Caldwell Ridge Road, Knifley, Ky.  42753

Danny Miller & Trent Miller   
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Email - jmsfarm@msn.com

Located in South Central Kentucky.
JMS Polled Herefords is home of the highest concentration
of Victor Domino genetics in the breed.

The herd was founded in 1975 with the intent of building a
straight bred herd of R.W. Jones JR Victor Domino bred cattle.

The RWJ herd was one of the pioneer herds to start total herd
performance testing.  These cattle are naturally slick haired
making them ideal for hot, humid climates, however
they have the ability to acclimate to nearly any
climate region in the country.

JMS cattle have been sold into 35 states and exported to
Argentina as well.

Visitors and inquires are welcomed anytime.